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sus huesos , as como los tejidos musculares en el pie. Si usted realmente no es capaces de considerar el calor de la UGGs de la temperatura de verano, sin sudor, (justificacin su juego de palabras) puede obtener incluso ligero resbaln en nuevas sandalias forrado en abrigo de lana de cordero de la mejor tradici贸n del zapato UGG! Aaron Sanchez Will Be Part Of Torontos Six Man Rotation - RealGM Wiretap
The Toronto Blue Jays are keeping Aaron Sanchez in the starting rotation as part of a six-man rotation going forward.

The team had discussed shifting Sanchez to the bullpen in an effort to limit his innings.

On Monday , the Blue Jays had said Sanchez would transition to the bullpen after the addition of Francisco Liriano from the Pittsburgh Pirates.

"The biggest thing is input from different people after something was more concrete, or closer to it, and the fact that Francisco Liriano was so open to everything ," Ross Atkins said.

"Then the more we thought about the potential of a six-man rotation not just benefiting Aaron but benefiting the others in the rotation at this point in the season."

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